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The Facemaker thumbnail
The Facemaker eAudiobook
Lindsey Fitzharris / Daniel Gillies

From the moment the first machine gun rang out over the Western Front one thing was clear: mankind's..

Destination Buchenwald thumbnail
Destination Buchenwald eAudiobook
Colin Burgess / Steve Shanahan

The harrowing story of the Allied airmen who experienced the true horrors of Nazism firsthand. It w..

Shake It Up Baby thumbnail
Shake It Up Baby eAudiobook
Ken McNab / Luke R Francis

It's 1963. The year of the Profumo scandal the Great Train Robbery the rise of teenage consumerism a..

Colditz thumbnail
Colditz eAudiobook
Ben Macintyre / Ben Macintyre

In a forbidding Gothic castle on a hilltop in the heart of Nazi Germany an unlikely band of British ..

The Patient Doctor thumbnail
The Patient Doctor eAudiobook
Dr Ben Bravery / Dr Ben Bravery

At the age of twenty-eight Ben Bravery woke from a colonoscopy to be told he had stage 3 colorectal ..

Unspoken thumbnail
Unspoken eAudiobook
Liz Harvie with Eve Hatton / Julie Maisey

'I was two when the woman I called Mummy told me 'You came out of another mummy's tummy.' I assumed ..

I'll Take That One thumbnail
I'll Take That One eAudiobook
Kitty Baxter / Siobhan Dowd Kitty Baxter

Kitty Baxter was born in London in 1930 the daughter of a road sweeper and a cleaner and one of five..

Last Team Out of Kabul thumbnail
Last Team Out of Kabul eAudiobook
H. Collins; Graham Spence / Ben Jacobson

As a Royal Marine Commando H. Collins served in Afghanistan post 9/11 in 2001 on combat operations p..

Vow of Silence thumbnail
Vow of Silence eAudiobook
Suzanne Walsh / Deirdre O’Connell

Suzanne Walsh was a survivor.She suffered five heart attacks and made it through open heart surgery...

And in the End thumbnail
And in the End eAudiobook
Ken McNab / Peter Kenny

This is the story of the last acrimonious days of The Beatles a final chapter reconstructing for the..

Take Nothing for Granted thumbnail
Take Nothing for Granted eAudiobook
Ross Kemp / Ross Kemp

Famous for his portrayal of the iconic hardman Grant Mitchell and as the maker of various documentar..

Inside the Mind of the Yorkshire Ripper thumbnail
Inside the Mind of the Yorkshire Ripper eAudiobook
Chris Clark; Tim Hicks / Mark Meadows

The police believed Sutcliffe was operating only in the Greater Manchester Police South Yorkshire Po..

Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. The True Crime Story Behind the Hit New TV Show thumbnail
Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. The True Crime Story Behind the Hit New TV Show eAudiobook
Michael Bilton / Marston York

Now a major TV series‘A masterpiece that reads like a thriller’ Time OutA gripping and probing a..

Inside Parkhurst: The Final Stretch thumbnail
Inside Parkhurst: The Final Stretch eAudiobook
David Berridge / David John

David Berridge returns with more stories from his time as a prison officer at HMP Parkhurst giving a..

Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer thumbnail
Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer eAudiobook
Christopher Berry-Dee / Simon Mattacks

Sunday Times bestselling author Christopher Berry-Dee is the man who talks to serial killers. A worl..